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CompuLite (v1.5.2.6)

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

CompuLite is a lore friendly Police Computer plugin for LSPDFR. It allows you to look up ped and vehicle records by using the police computer or tablet. It has an integrated "Court System", so you may see what is the outcome of each arrest reports or issued citation that you created using CompuLite.

The plugin UI is implemented using RageNativeUI, which should be lightweight and very stable.


  • Lore friendly UI (thanks to RageNativeUI) which allows you to navigate the menu using keyboard and mouse

  • Access Ped and Vehicle Records from you police car using the police computer

  • Access Ped and Vehicle Records while you're on foot by using a computer tablet

  • It has an integrated "Court System". You may see what is the outcome of each arrest reports or citation that you created using CompuLite



  • Added compatibility support for LSPDFR 0.4.9

  • Added support for the new verification protocol

  • Upgrading note: replace "dll" file


  • Fixed Bug. Fixed very rare/isolated crash due to the mouse handling on certain display resolution / multiple monitors

  • Upgrading note: replace "dll" file


  • Improvement. Implemented better system resource management for displaying ped mugshot/headshot, since GTA V would sometimes crashes when it reaches the max limit

  • Upgrading note: replace "dll" file, add "Localization.ini" (if you haven't had it)


  • Fixed Bug. Sometimes CompuLite crashes for users in certain countries.

  • Upgrading note: replace "dll" file, add "Localization.ini" (if you haven't had it)


  • New Feature. CompuLite text language and localization support. You may edit "CompuLite\Localization.ini" file to customize it

  • Fixed Bug. The Date/Time clock on the top right corner now should display the correct format set in the Windows Region Settings

  • Fixed Bug. CompuLite now should display currency symbol properly according to the "CurrencySymbol" configuration in "CompuLite.ini" (e.g. € and £)

  • Upgrading note: replace the "dll" file, add "Localization.ini"


  • Improvement. Added page navigation for citation and arrest report lists. This will fix a known issue with overflowing records in the list

  • Improvement. Added page navigation for court case's offense and outcome lists. Now you may throw as many charges as you like :)

  • Improvement. Added mouse navigation support for ultra-wide monitor resolution (2560x1080 and 3440x1440). Make sure to use the latest RageNativeUI v1.7.1 (included in the installation package)

  • Improvement. The Date/Time and number format displayed on the CompuLite should follow Windows Region Settings

  • Upgrading note: replace "dll" file with the new version

Download v1.5.2.6 - Updated January, 30th 2022

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