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Ultimate Backup (v1.8.5.0)

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

This plugin is created to replace the default LSPDFR Police Backup menu and combine the power of my previous three backup plugins to assist the player during traffic stop, pursuit, and on scene situations.

More over, you can also customize the police units components, properties, and weapons based on regions and zones in LSPDFR.


  • Very easy to navigate and request backups using "RageNativeUI" menu system

  • Very easy to customize the backup unit using XML file format similar with the default LSPFR backup.xml file

  • Integration with PoliceSmartRadio

  • Integration with VocalDispatch

  • Using the Ultimate Backup Menu, you can call all kind of backups including "State Patrol", "SWAT Backups", "Air Units", "Ambulance", and "Fire Department"

  • You can convert any "Police Buddy" to become your "Partner". The partner will follow and support you wherever you go on foot or when driving with vehicle.

  • Ambulance unit will tend to the bodies and try to perform CPR

  • Fire Department will find any fire sources and try to stop them. They can also tend to the bodies and perform CPR

  • Code 2 backup will arrive†with their gun holstered. Meanwhile, the Code 3 backup units will always have their gun drawn

  • The Backup units (except pursuit backup) will stay and stand by for you until you dismiss them (press "E" key or "DPadRight" button while standing face-to-face) or leave them away

  • You can ask Code 2 and Code 3 backups to hold position or resume following you on your own discretion. To do that, press "T" key or "DPadLeft" button while standing face-to-face with the Police Buddy

  • If a unit consists of several cops (e.g. SWAT), you can just dismiss the group leader or driver (with the biggest blue blip) to dismiss them all

  • The Spike Strips Backup in this plugin will automatically detect target vehicle during the pursuit

  • There's a new "Panic Button" for PoliceSmartRadio by this plugin, where you can customize the units being dispatched in the UltimateBackup.ini file†

  • You can customize the "Special Unit" backup and assign a specific role to them. Available roles are "cop", "medic", and "fireman"

  • You can also assign a helicopter as a vehicle for your "Air Unit". Because the ped will get out with rappel animation, the helicopter model should have rappel device support. You can see example of this unit on "Air Ambulance" and "Air SWAT Backup"

  • You can customize Police Transport and Coroner ped and vehicle models in "DefaultRegions.xml". Please take a note that you need "Stop The Ped" to call those units

  • Ultimate Backup also supports the multiplayer freemode ped models (MP_M_FREEMODE_01 and MP_F_FREEMODE_01).


v1.8.5.0 (latest) - If you're upgrading, just replace the "dll" file

  • Improvement. Reduced the delay when spawning partners

v1.8.4.3 - If you're upgrading, just replace the "dll" file

  • New Feature. Revamped the handling of suspect and passenger on Felony Stop. By aiming your weapon, each passenger will leave vehicle one by one. They'll walk backwards, then stop an kneeling with back hands behind their head. The arresting officer will grab the suspect onto the back of the vehicle and then guard them

  • Improvement. Added "Dismiss All Partners" option to the Ultimate Backup menu (Partner section)

  • Improvement. The UB menu will kept open when spawning Partner, so you can easily spawn many partners easily

  • Improvement. Tweaked UB cops AI to be more tactical while engaging suspects during a gunfight

  • Improvement. The native radio animation (left arm reaching left upper chest) will be played flawlessly while character is walking/running, so the right arm will not affected it will swing naturally

  • Improvement. Now UB Pursuit Backup who arrests a suspect far away from player, will stay and guard the suspect

  • Improvement. Added special handling to take care LSPDFR "Report Crime" function glitch which sometimes makes UB cops a suspect

  • Fixed Bug. Sometimes the cop passengers are left behind by their vehicle unit during dismissal

Download v1.8.5.0 - Updated Dec, 20th 2020

Download RAR • 1.30MB

Mirror Download Link 1

Mirror Download Link 2

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For any support, comment, or input, please join my discord: https://discord.gg/utfngQn


For any support, comment, or input, please join my discord: https://discord.gg/utfngQn

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